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Integrating APEX 4.0.2 with E-business Suite Release 12.1.1

Apex can be integrated with E-business Suite release R12.In the below example my Database vesion is,I'm using APEX LISTENER for doing this task which is very secure and convenient way.Below are the steps I used for this purpose.

Step 1:Create one Tablespace for holding the Apex users Data

create tablespace APEX402 datafile '/oraDB/db/apps_st/data/apex402.dbf' size 1G autoextend on;

Step 2:Upgrade Apex to 4.0.2

E-business suite Database comes with Apex 3.0.2 installed,For upgrading to the latest apex component follow the below steps:

For upgrading apex 4.0.2:

Go to apex 4.0.2 path:

sqlplus "/as sysdba"
@apexins.sql apex402 apex402 temp /i/

Message while upgrading coming to end:

Thank you for installing Oracle Application Express.

Oracle Application Express is installed in the APEX_040000 schema.

The structure of the link to the Application Express administration services is as follows:
http://host:port/pls/apex/apex_admin (Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql)
http://host:port/apex/apex_admin (Oracle XML DB HTTP listener with the embedded PL/SQL gateway)

The structure of the link to the Application Express development interface is as follows:
http://host:port/pls/apex (Oracle HTTP Server with mod_plsql)
http://host:port/apex (Oracle XML DB HTTP listener with the embedded PL/SQL gateway)

Message while validating APEX componnent:

.Compiled 676 out of 2720 objects considered, 0 failed compilation 05:22:43
...234 packages
...227 package bodies
...426 tables
...12 functions
...19 procedures
...3 sequences
...439 triggers
...1177 indexes
...0 libraries
...4 types
...0 type bodies
...0 operators
...0 index types
...Begin key object existence check 05:22:43
...Completed key object existence check 05:22:43
...Setting DBMS Registry 05:22:43
...Setting DBMS Registry Complete 05:22:43
...Exiting validate 05:22:43
timing for: Validate Installation
Elapsed: 00:44:26.45
timing for: Development Installation
Elapsed: 01:06:23.02
Disconnected from Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options


Check after validation in Database:


Oracle Application Express VALID
Oracle Ultra Search VALID
Oracle Label Security OPTION OFF
Oracle XML Database VALID
Oracle Application Server Syndication Services VALID
Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On VALID
Oracle Workflow VALID
Oracle Data Mining VALID
Oracle Text VALID
Spatial VALID

Oracle Multimedia VALID
Oracle Database Catalog Views VALID
Oracle Database Packages and Types VALID
JServer JAVA Virtual Machine VALID
Oracle Database Java Packages VALID
Oracle Real Application Clusters INVALID
OLAP Analytic Workspace VALID
Oracle Application Server Integration B2B VALID
Oracle Application Server Integration BAM VALID

Oracle Application Server Certificate Authority VALID
Oracle Internet Directory VALID
Oracle Application Server Metadata Repository Version-R VALID
Oracle Application Server Distributed Configuration Management VALID
Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer VALID
Oracle Application Server UDDI Registry VALID
Oracle Application Server Web Clipping VALID
Oracle Application Server Wireless VALID

30 rows selected.
Now,We have successfully upgraded APEX to 4.0.2.

Step 3:Start the http services using the ‘root’ user

#/etc/init.d/httpd start
[root@testnode1ebs apex]# /etc/init.d/httpd status
httpd (pid 13319 13318 13317 13316 13315 13314 13313 13312 13310) is running...

Step 4: Open the Apex http port from the Database side
SQL> begin

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

SQL> select dbms_xdb.gethttpport as "HTTP-Port"
from dual;


Step 5:Download JDK6 from oracle and unzip it in the E-business suite server.

Step 6:Download and Install the Apex Listener

Launch Oracle Application Express Listener in standalone mode:

1. Download and unzip Oracle Application Express Listener.

2. Execute the following command:

bash-3.2$ java -jar /apex_4.0.2/apex.war
INFO: Starting: /apex_4.0.2/apex.war
See: 'java -jar apex.war --help' for full range of configuration options
INFO: Extracting to: /tmp/apex
Enter the path to the directory containing the APEX static resources
Example: /Users/myuser/apex/images
or press Enter to skip: /oraAPP/apps/tech_st/10.1.3/images
INFO: Using classpath: file:/tmp/apex/apex/____embedded/start.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/xmlparserv2-11.2.0.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ojmisc.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/poi-3.6-20091214.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ucp.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/xdb-11.2.0.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/ojdbc6.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/apex.jar:file:/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/lib/je-4.0.103.jar:
INFO: Starting Embedded Web Container in: /tmp/apex
Enter a username for the APEX Listener Administrator [adminlistener]: apex
Enter a password for apex:welcome
Confirm password for apex:

Enter a username for the APEX Listener Manager [managerlistener]: apex
Enter a password for apex:welcome
Confirm password for apex:
Aug 10, 2011 2:32:41 AM ____bootstrap.Deployer deploy
INFO: Will deploy application path=/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/web.xml
Aug 10, 2011 2:32:48 AM ____bootstrap.Deployer deploy
INFO: deployed application path=/tmp/apex/apex/WEB-INF/web.xml
Using config file: /tmp/apex/apex-config.xml
APEX Listener version :
APEX Listener server info: Grizzly/1.9.18-o
INFO: http://localhost:8080/apex started

Step 7:Configure the Apex listener.

To configure the Apex listener Open IE 8 browser or Mozilla 3.0….
And provide the information and password as mentioned :

Password: welcome

Step 8:Request Apex team to create WORKSPACE by giving ‘admin’ user password.

Note: ‘admin’ user should be entered in Lower case letters.


Step 9:If You are getting ADMIN/ADMIN_PASSWORD as "Invalid Login Credential Error", then run

Connect as sys user at the EBS Database and execute this procedure:

SQL> begin
p_user_name => 'ADMIN',
p_email_address => 'xxx@xxxdomain.com',
p_web_password => 'welcome') ;

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

Step 10:Verify now with the APEX team and ask them to change the password for security reason..


Happy Apex learning job is done...

Best regards,


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  1. Hi Rafi,
    I don't see where you integrated with R12.1.1

    I've been working on integrating APEX4.2 with EBS 12.0.4 using the APEX Listener.
    I have followed the example that Rob West wrote up and have the LaunchApex.jsp (Custom not GTW)

    I read R11i can be integrated by using modplsql, R12 uses the new jsp solution, BUT not until R12.1.3
    What about between R12.0 and R12.1.3 ?

    Our customer isn't upgrading for another 6 months but want to start developing EBS with APEX.. what about unsupported? that would work because we would go to product until the upgrade is done..

    Thanks, Bill