Monday, March 15, 2010

Dedicated or Shared Server Connections

Dedicated or Shared Connections:

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       When to choose dedicated & when to choose shared connections?
This can be best described with the below explaination:

The user connected with dedicated server connection has the dedicated resource that is whether or not the user is doing work the connection remains allocated to that user.Thus if your user is not working and if there is less network resource then this user is blocking another user to connect or to execute the user request by making this user works queued.This connection is preferable when you have lot of resource or to some administrative user like "SYS" , "SYS" for administrative works and for batch jobs,

When there is shared server the user connection is shared, that is user is connecting by dispatchers and when a user is idle his resource can be used by other users, thus lessen the load on system, this is more likely in a environment where user is mostly idle, like in a order entry system.

In a shared server there also dedicated connection possible for admin user.

If your environment is OLTP then shared is preferable because the tasks need short time.

Whether is Warehouse, OLAP, Data Mining the users are running time consuming and heavy load query where it is best to use dedicated server.

All things depends on your satisfaction and needs, if you satisfied with the load , user user is satisfied , you have lot resource, you can go for dedicated.

If you have less resource but to support more concurrent user shared is best.

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