Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oracle Enterprise manager Grid control report tab

Many times we are interested to know what was the size of my oracle database few months back.If you are have have a proper backup upto 1 month/2 months depending upong your requirement of database than we can restore/recover and we can see the size of database or else if flashback database option is enable than you can see the size of the database few months back.But,most of the time these 2 options are closed.

There is one important tab report which you can see on OEM grid control which can help in seeing the size of the Database few months back.But to use this tab while installing OEM grid control you have to do some setup and configuration as follows:

After installation, there are various items that need to be setup/configured for a fully functional Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control. These include:
- Additional Roles, Administrators, Monitoring Templates (Figure 1).We can see the overview of setup in figure 1.
o These are needed to setup additional users whose access is limited to certain targets.
So please make sure you are getting report tab after doing this setup/configuration which will be very useful for knowing the size of the database in past.

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