Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oracle R12 Application Architecture

We can understand Oracle R12 Application by dividing it into 3 major components:
I)Oracle Applications Architecture
II)Applications File System– Overview
III)Applications Database Organization

I)Oracle Applications Architecture:

Let us see the structure in this post.
Oracle Application can be divided into

1)Desktop Tier
2)The Application Tier
3)The Database Tier

I)Desktop Tier:

*The client interface is provided through HTML for HTML-based applications, and via a Java applet in a Web browser for the traditional Forms-based applications.
*In Oracle Applications Release 12, each user logs in to Oracle Applications through the E-Business Suite Home Page on a desktop client web browser as shown in fig.1.
*The E-Business SuiteHome Page as shown in fig.1 provides a single point of access to HTML-basedapplications,Forms-basedapplications, and Business Intelligence applications.

II)The Application Tier:

*The application tier has a dual role: hosting the various servers and service groups thatprocess the business logic, and managing communication between the desktop tier andthe database tier. This tier is sometimes referred to as the middle tier.
*3 servers or service groups comprise the basic application tier for Oracle Applications:

1)Web services:The Web services component of Oracle Application Server processes requests received over the network from the desktop clients.

2)Forms services:Forms services in Oracle Applications Release 12 are provided by the Forms listener servlet or Form Socket mode,which facilitates the use of firewalls,load balancing,proxies and other networking options.

3)Concurrent services:Processes that run on the Concurrent Processing server are called concurrent requests.A concurrent manager then reads the applicable requests in the table and starts the associated concurrent program

III)The Database Tier:

*The database tier contains the Oracle database server, which stores all the data maintained by Oracle Applications. The database also stores the Oracle Applications online help information.
*More specifically, the database tier contains the Oracle data server files and Oracle Applications database executables that physically store the tables, indexes, and other database objects for your system.
* The database server does not communicate directly with the desktop clients, but rather with the servers on the application tier, which mediate the communications between the database server and the clients.

Hope it helps at initial level of R12 Application undestanding.

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