Monday, February 6, 2012

Changing the profile value in Oracle EBS applications

How do we change the profile value in Oracle EBS applications?

Ans: Below are the steps for changing profile value in Oracle EBS applications:

Step 1:
Login to EBS home page with 'SYSADMIN' or privileged application user.

Step 2:

In the Navigator,Go to System Administrator Tab and On the right side Go to Profile=>System

Step 3:

Click System you will see Oracle Application Manager Form Page is opened.

Step 4:

Double Click Profile Tab,go to System,Click Open Tab at the bottom.

Step 5:

We will see form page Find System Profile Values

Enter the Profile Name at the Bottom where Profile Tab is there and Click Find.

Where Profile:Name_of_profile whose value we want to set.

Step 6:
Now we will see Form Page where
Profile Option Name:Profile_name
Site:Value you want to set


Step 7:
Save the Changes.


And Close the Form.

File=>Close Form or Exit Oracle Applications.

Hope it helps Beginners Apps DBA

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