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Understanding Oracle Tuxedo


Understanding Oracle Tuxedo is very vital for Oracle PeopleSoft DBA

Where did Tuxedo come from?
      Transactions for UniX Extended for Distributed Operations.Tuxedo is a middleware platform used to manage distributed transaction processing in distributed computing environments.
Tuxedo is a transaction processing system or transaction-oriented middleware, or enterprise application server for a variety of systems and programming languages.
Developed first in the 1980s,it became a software product of Oracle Corporation in 2008.

What is jolt?
Jolt is a Java-based interface to the Tuxedo system that extends the functionality of existing Tuxedo applications to include Intranet- and Internet-wide availability.
Using Jolt,we can now easily transform any Tuxedo application so that its services are available to customers using an ordinary browser on the Internet.
Jolt interfaces with existing and new Tuxedo applications and services to allow secure, scalable, intranet/Internet transactions between client and server.
Jolt enables us to build client applications and applets that can remotely invoke existing Tuxedo services,such as application messaging,component management and distributed transaction processing.

The PeopleSoft application server uses the Oracle Fusion Middleware product,Oracle Tuxedo,to perform transaction management, messaging, and administration.
It is essential that you install Oracle Tuxedo version 10gR3, which is available on Oracle E-Delivery.We need to install Oracle Tuxedo before you go any further in setting up
your application server and your PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. After we perform the installation described below,we have to configure the application server environment to incorporate Oracle Tuxedo with the PeopleSoft components.

Note:Oracle supports Oracle Tuxedo 10gR3 for Linux or UNIX, and Oracle Tuxedo 10gR3_VS2008 for
Microsoft Windows, with PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.51. If we have a previous version of Oracle Tuxedo
installed, we need to install the new version of Oracle Tuxedo, and re-create your application server domains.(You must create your domains using PSADMIN; you cannot migrate existing domains.) You can also use psadmins's domain import utility.

The minimum patch level certified for running Oracle Tuxedo 10gR3 with PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.51 is
RP031. These installation instructions include the installation of the base Oracle Tuxedo 10gR3,followed by
the patch installation.

We can install Oracle Tuxedo once for each release on a machine,regardless of the number of PeopleSoft
applications or databases the server supports. For example, if you are a PeopleSoft 9.1 customer and have
Oracle Tuxedo 6.5 installed, you may install Oracle Tuxedo 6.5 and Oracle Tuxedo 10gR3 on the same
machine in separate directories. For example:

Installation of Oracle Tuxedo:

On Windows,we may install into C:\oracle\tuxedo10gR3_VS2008 and C:\tux65.
On UNIX,we may install into /home/oracle/tuxedo10gR3 and /prod/tuxedo/6.5.

If more than one PeopleSoft application uses the same Oracle Tuxedo version (that is, the same patch level),
then it is recommended that you have a single installation of Oracle Tuxedo to serve all the supported
PeopleSoft applications. A single Oracle Tuxedo installation simplifies future maintenance (such as applying
patches). However, if you choose to have more than one Oracle Tuxedo installation (this scenario is possible
only on UNIX systems, as Oracle Tuxedo does not allow multiple installations of the same version of Oracle
Tuxedo on Microsoft Windows), you must install and maintain the same Oracle Tuxedo version more than
once in different directories.

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