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Oracle PeopleSoft Data mover Tool

Hi DBAs,
Oracle PeopleSoft Data Mover(psdmt.exe) Tool is quite similar to FNDLOAD Utility  in Oracle EBS Application.PeopleSoft Data Mover is a PeopleTool that is used to export/import data between databases.
Apart from this,Data Mover can be used for a variety of functions like database security management,running SQL scripts etc.
On Windows machines,we can use the Data Mover using the GUI as well as from the command prompt.
While UNIX variants support only command line operation.

Modes of Operation:

A Data Mover operates in two different modes
1)Regular mode
2)Bootstrap mode.

1)Regular mode:To sign into the Data Mover in the regular mode,we use your PeopleSoft userID and password.

2)Bootstrap mode:To sign into  the Dava Mover in Bootstrap mode,we use the Database user ID and password.

Working with Data Mover PeopleTool:

While using a Data Mover,it is a standard practice to set a log file and an input/output file.Export scripts use the output file and Import scripts use input files.
Log files are used by both. We use the following commands to set input/output and log files.


Commands of Data Mover:
The Data Mover commands are:

1)EXPORT:Used to export data out of the database.A file is specified and the data gets loaded into it.Later this data can be used for importing into the same/different databases.

SET LOG C:\TEMP\PayCodeMove.log;

2)IMPORT:Used to load data from a file into the database.This command also takes care of the table spacing.

SET LOG C:\TEMP\PayCodeMove.log;
SET INPUT C:\TEMP\PayCodeMove.Dat;

Note:Make Sure you have the .Dat file in C:\TEMP location.

ENCRYPT_PASSWORD:This command can be used to get all or any user passwords encrypted.

Data Mover Script(DMS) Templates:

1)Export DMS Template and
2)Import DMS Template

We can download and use Export/Import DMS Template for our projects.These will act as starting points for our DMS scripting.

Using Data Mover PeopleTool:

If we have installed People Tool,Lets say we have 8.48.11 People Tool installed in Windows machine,we will find the Data Mover(psdmt.exe) application in below path:

Double Click on psdmt.exe application,It asks for Connection type,Database Name,User Id and Password.Provide the require inputs.We will see a window opening,copy and paste the Export/Import commands here.Above of this window we find traffic like symbol,click on it to execute the Export/import commands.Veriy the logs.If we see any error than we have to verify the Application designing and building steps,troubleshoot there and do it again.

Hope it helps...
Enjoy Oracle PeopleSoft Admin tasks...

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