Friday, April 13, 2018

clrg comand for Oracle Apps DBA in Oracle SuperCluster Environment

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In Oracle SuperCluster Environment we use important command 'clrg' for stopping and Starting of Oracle Web tier and Concurrent Manager Services.

clrg stands for clresourcegroup, which assist us to manage resource groups for Oracle Solaris Cluster data services or  on Oracle SuperCluster Environment

Below are commands we use on Oracle Apps nodes as 'root' Operating system user on Solaris Environment where Oracle Supercluster is running:

In order to:
·         Stop application on only application server 1 to stop all opmn and concurrent manager services on apps server1 and server2 completely.

  # clrg offline opmn-rg
  # clrg offline cm-rg

 Start application on only application server 1:

   # clrg online cm-rg
  #  clrg online opmn-rg

·         Stop application on one application server (i.e Apps Server 1 or Apps Server 2):

 # clrg offline –n nodename opmn-rg
# clrg offline –n nodename cm-rg

·         Start application on one application servers (i.e Apps Server 1 or Apps Server 2):

 # clrg online –n nodename cm-rg
 # clrg online –n nodename opmn-rg

·         Monitor the cluster resources
 # clrg status
 # clrs status

·         Monitor the full cluster staus:

# cluster status

Example :

root@erpclusterapps1:~# cluster status

=== Cluster Resource Groups ===

Group Name     Node Name          Suspended     State
----------     ---------          ---------     -----
scalmnt-rg     erpclusterapps2     No            Online
               erpclusterapps1     No            Online

cm-rg          erpclusterapps2     No            Online
               erpclusterapps1     No            Online

opmn-rg        erpclusterapps2     No            Online
               erpclusterapps1     No            Online

=== Cluster Resources ===

Resource Name     Node Name          State      Status Message
-------------     ---------          -----      --------------
erp-fs-rs         erpclusterapps2     Online     Online
                  erpclusterapps1     Online     Online

cm-rs             erpclusterapps2     Online     Online - Service is online.
                  erpclusterapps1     Online     Online - Service is online.

cmlsr-rs          erpclusterapps2     Online     Online - Service is online.
                  erpclusterapps1     Online     Online - Service is online.

opmn-rs           erpclusterapps2     Online     Online
                  erpclusterapps1     Online     Online

Hope it is useful. Enjoy learning Apps DBA on Exadata / Supercluster Environment




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