Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SSH x-forwarding document

SSH x-forwarding document

Download the Xming software from the below link.




and install the Xming on your local PC/Laptop. Once the software got installed successfully, go to Start --> Programs -->Xming-->select Xming to start, once Xming started you will see one X in your leftside windows tray, that means Xming is running on your PC/Laptop.

Download the putty, install the same on your PC/Laptop.

Open putty, On the left side of the putty, in Category section, go to Connection --> SSH --> X11, make sure that Enable X11 Forwarding is checked.

In the same Category Section, Click on Session, enter the hostname or Ip address, login into the server.
Once you successfully logged in, say echo $DISPLAY, it should return a value like localhost:0.10, and also say xclock &, it should display a clock in your PC/Laptop.

Note :- Make sure that the ssh services started on the server side

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