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Last year(2011) was interesting for me,as I learn new technologies Oracle SOA(Service Oriented Architecture) and ODI(Oracle Data Integrator).Apart from these
I stepped forward to learn Oracle 11g RAC,Dataguard and Oracle EBS 12.1.1 and later versions.
Going forward this year(2012) I'm interested in extending my skillsets and implement
these skillsets more in my work to gain perfection.It won't be easy,but I will be
trying my best to maintain these skillsets by reading and practise.


1)Practise and Master the skillsets Oracle 11g RAC,Dataguard.

2)Practise and Master the skillsets Oracle EBS R12.1.1 & later versions.

3)Practise and Master the skillsets Oracle SOA 11g.

4)Practise and Master the skillsets Oracle Data Integrator 11g.

5)In order to get more perfection I need to take Oracle 11g RAC,Dataguard training
from Oracle which will also act as base for my prepartion of OCM Exam.

6)Practise and Complete PMP Certification.

7)Bring Excellence to my work by adopting best work practises in terms of technology
and work practises.

Oracle and DBA Market Survey as per me:

DBA Market Demanded the following major skillsets:
1)RAC: RAC skillset I found ruled the DBA market in the year 2011(last year).It makes sense as it is used by lot of financial and highly critical Databases.

2)Dataguard: Dataguard skillset was the second major skillset which I found ruled the DBA market.As many companies grow their data,they worry for protecting it from Disaster.
ASM,RMAN,Performance tuning were not behind and were also in demand as always.

Apps DBA Market Survery:

Apps DBA market Demanded the follwing skillset:

1)Clonning and Patching:
The most repeated task of the Apps DBA again ruled the last year(2011).It can be called as refreshing the Database and Application and Clonning
in other sense.Patching is again the repeated task for the Apps DBA

As experience grows the expectation of companies for you will also.I found few companies specifically asking the combination of RAC and Apps for
senior Apps consultant/Consultant positions on a large scale.

DMZ configuration,Apps DBA Administraion(AD Utilities) and Workflow configuration skillsets were also not behind.

3)Oracle SOA market survey:
Oracle SOA 11g market was hot last year.I found many companies
asking for Oracle SOA Developer/Admins.Along with these,Oracle Weblogic server skillsets were in demand.

4)ODI market survey:
Oracle Data Integrator 11g(ODI 11g) was the hot ETL tool last year as
many companies were moving Data from one source to many targets.

5)Oracle Fusion Apps DBA(Fusion DBA) market survey:
I found a new job role emerged in 2011,It is the combination of Oracle Apps DBA and Fusion Middleware Administration(SOA Administration + Weblogic Administration).It is a kind of profile where company is asking too much from one candidate,considering future demand of Oracle Weblogic(BEA product).Some companies
were specific on hiring Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrators.

Note:The above survey is just based on my personal experience and should not be considered for any publicity or stratergy.

I will be writing my next survey in next year beginning.All the best.Have a bright and skillfull year 2012.

Enjoy and Happy Oracle learning.