Saturday, August 29, 2015

Difference in location of Log files in Oracle EBS Release 12.1.3 and Oracle EBS Release 12.2.4

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Lot of companies planning to Upgrade from Oracle EBS Release 12.1.3(Rel 12.1.x)  to Oracle EBS Release 12.2.4(Rel 12.2.x). Few of the companies already upgraded.

The Log files locations in Oracle EBS Release 12.1.3 and  Oracle EBS R 12.2.4  are given below:

1.Instance startup and configuration Log files are located for INST_TOP in Oracle Release 12.1.3 are below:

Startup/Shutdown error message related to tech stack (10.1.2, 10.1.3 forms/reports/web)
$INST_TOP/logs/ora/ (10.1.2 & 10.1.3)
$INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/Apache/error_log[timestamp](Apache log files)
$INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.3/opmn/ (OC4J, oa*, opmn.log)
$INST_TOP/logs/ora/10.1.2/network/ (listener log)
$INST_TOP/apps/$CONTEXT_NAME/logs/appl/conc/log (CM log files)

2. Log files related to cloning in R12.1.3 are as below:

 Preclone log files in source instance
Database Tier – $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/(StageDBTier_MMDDHHMM.log)
Application Tier –

Clone log files in target instance
Database Tier – $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDBTier_.log
Apps Tier – $INST_TOP/admin/log/ApplyAppsTier_.log

3. Patching related log files in R12.1.3 are as below:

i) Application Tier adpatch log – $APPL_TOP/admin/$SID/log/
ii) Developer (Developer/Forms & Reports 10.1.2) Patch – $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
iii) Web Server (Apache) patch – $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
iv) Database Tier opatch log – $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage

4. Autoconfig related log files in R12.1.3 are as below:

a) Database Tier Autoconfig log :

b) Application Tier Autoconfig log : 

5.Autoconfig context file location in R12.1.3 :

6)R12.1.3 Installation Logs in R12.1.3 are as below:

 Database Tier Installation
RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/adcrdb_.log RDBMS_ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/$CONTEXT_NAME/ApplyDatabase_.log
Application Tier Installation
Inventory Registration:
$Global Inventory/logs/cloneActions.log
$Global Inventory/logs/oraInstall.log
$Global Inventory/logs/silentInstall.log

7) Log files related with relink,Network,OUT inventory logs for R12.1.3 are as below:
 1) Database Tier
1.1) Relink Log files :
1.2) Alert Log Files :
1.3) Network Logs :
1.4) OUI Logs :
OUI Inventory Logs :
2) Application Tier
Tech Stack Patch 10.1.3 (Web/HTTP Server)

In EBS R12.2.4 the log files locations are as below:

1)Log files file Online patching (adop) in EBS R12.2.4 are in below location:

The adop log files are located on the non-editioned file system (fs_ne), under:


This log directory will contain patch logs,patch worker logs.

adop(phase=fs_clone) Online pathcing filesystem cloning process related log files are found under:


2)Log files for Autoconfig process in Oracle EBS R12.2.4 are below:

On Applicaion Tier: $INST_TOP/admin/log/<MMDDhhmm>
On Database Tier: $ORACLE_HOME/appsutil/log/<CONTEXT_NAME>/<MMDDhhmm>

3)Log files for start/stop of services from $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

In below directory we will find log files related to start/stop process of oacore, forms, apache, opmn,
weblogic admin server/node manager:


4)Log/Out files for Concurrent programs/managers in Oracle R12.2.4 are in below location:

Log/Out files for Oracle Release 12.2 are stored in Non-Editioned filesystem(NE).

Log files: $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG (or $NE_BASE/inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/log)
Out files: $APPLCSF/$APPLOUT (or $NE_BASE/inst/<CONTEXT_NAME>/logs/appl/conc/out)

5)Log files for OPMN and OHS processes in Oracle R12.2.4 are in below location:

Below directory contains log files related OPMN process(opmn.log),
OPMN Debug logs(debug.log), HTTP Transaction logs (access.log),security settings related logs.


6)Log file for Weblogic Node Manager in Oracle R12.2.4 are in below location:

Log file is generated by Node Manager and contains data for all domains that
are controlled by Node Manager on a given physical machine.


7)Log file for Weblogic  in Oracle R12.2.4 for Oracle Management Service are below

Initial settings for AdminServer and Domain level information is written in this log file


8)Log files for server processes initiated through Weblogic in Oracle R12.2.4 are in below location:
Stdout and stderr messages generated by the forms, oafm and oacore services are located
at NOTICE severity level or higher are written by Weblogic Node Manager to below directory.


Enjoy Oracle EBS R12.2 learning and Performing tasks.