Saturday, May 30, 2015

Difference between Oracle EBS R12.1.3 and Oracle EBS R12.2.4


It's been a long time since I wrote a blog post, I was busy working with Oracle EBS upgrades,content server setup, and Oracle SOA 11g upgrade projects. We have recently upgraded Oracle EBS 12.1.3 to Oracle EBS R12.2.4.

There are lot of difference.Below are the key ones, I will try to extend this post based on difference noticed by me as I work more rigorously.

1)In R12.2 we have two kind of filesystems fs1(run filesystem) and fs2(patch filesystem) where as In R12.1.3 we only deal with one application filesystem.

2)In R12.2 we have the Application servers replaced by Weblogic server to manage the technology statck.
The 10.1.3 Home is replaced by FMW  (Fusion Middleware Home) i.e $FMW_HOME

The major change in R12.2 is involvement of Weblogic server to manager all the forms,oacore servers
where as in R12.1.3 we had the Application server 10.1.3 to manage the web home or Java Home

3)The  adpatch(patching) in R 12.1.3 is replaced by adop(online patching) in R 12.2.4

adop(online patching) utility involves 5 phases to apply a standard patch in Oracle EBS R12.2.
adop involves 5 phases
1)prepare => prepare phase involves synchronization of the filesystems fs1 (run ,filesystem) and fs2(patch filesystem), filesystems are inter changeable.
2)apply=>In this phase we apply all the patches
Note: These patches need to be copied in fs_ne (non editioned filesystems)
3)finalize =>In this phase we are getting ready for cutover phase
4)cutover =>In cutover phase the filesystem switchover takes place. Previously the filesystem which was patch filesystem will now become run filesystem.)
5) cleanup =>In cleanup phase all the obsolute objects gets compiled .

adop online patching utility doesn't require downtime. It involves minimal downtime during cutover phase where switching of filesystems happens. We can apply lot of patches and do cutover any time to minimize downtime

where as in  adpatch we just apply patch most of the times by bringing down applications or in hot patch mode.

4)'Apps' user Password change:
The 'apps' user password change involve 3 steps in R12.2.4
1)Change the password with FNDCPASS
2)Change the password in EBS Datasource from Weblogic admin console
3)Run AutoconfigCheck below link from Bala for detail steps:

Where as in R 12.1.3 It only involves 2 steps:
1)Change the password with FNDCPASS
2)Run Autoconfig
5)Log files locations:
All the oacore,forms log files are placed in $EBS_DOMAIN_HOME in R12.2. I will explain this in details in my upcoming posts.
Where as in R12.1.3 all the logs for oacore,forms are under $LOG_HOME/ora/10.1.3

I will come up with lot of difference in this thread so that we all gets comfortable with Oracle EBS Release 12.2.4
 Happy Oracle Apps DBA reading and learning EBS R12.2.4...

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