Monday, September 1, 2014

Compressing the Oracle EBS TOPs and Uncompressing using tar and gzip

 Hi Apps DBA,

We usually do cloning by copying the Application tops from Source(TEST1) to Target(TEST2).
First we compress the files in source and than we copy those file from source to target and finally we uncompress followed by renaming and further process .Below are the useful commands and safe one to do this task.

Step 1:Tarring and zipping:

nohup tar -cvpf - ./test1appl 2> /u01/app/test1/test1appl.log | gzip -c -> /u01/app/test1/test1appl.gz &

nohup tar -cvpf - ./test1comn 2> /u01/app/test1/test1comn.log | gzip -c -> /u01/app/test1/test1comn.gz &

nohup tar -cvpf - ./test1ora 2> /u01/app/test1/test1ora.log | gzip -c -> /u01/app/test1/test1ora.gz &

Step 2:scp from source  to target:
Assuming we are on target server,we copy files from source to target as below:

scp -rp apptest1@uslaxorcap19:/u01/app/test1/*.tar.gz .


Step 3:Untarring and Unzipping:

nohup cat /u02/app/test2/test1appl.tar.gz|gunzip| tar xvf - >/u02/app/test2/test1appl.log &
nohup cat /u02/app/test2/test1comn.tar.gz|gunzip| tar xvf - >/u02/app/test2/test1comn.log &
nohup cat /u02/app/test2/test1ora.tar.gz|gunzip| tar xvf - >/u02/app/test2/test1ora_27Jun.log &

Note 1:Below command comes in single line in Unix shell prompt
Note 2:Advantage of above command is we can check logs and make sure the compressing and Uncompressing  is done successfully.

Enjoy doing Apps DBA tasks...

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