Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Performance tuning practices

Generating Automatic Workload Repository Report:

Generating Automatic Workload Repository through Enterprise Manager Grid control:

Step 1:Login to Enterprise Manager grid control Account with the user havin dba role or grant that user
 dba role.

Step 2:Choose the Database whose AWR report You want to generate.In my case I'm generating awr report for our development Database AUCD between 3pm and 4pm(i.e For the interval of 1 hour)

Step 3:Choose the order as given below:
Choose :performance->Snaphosts->Automatic Workload Repository->Run AWR Report

Step 4:Select the range of time for which you want the AWR report:

Select Beginning Snapshot
Go to time 2
10 3pm

->Click Go
->Click Ok

Select Ending Snapshot
Go to time 2
10 4pm

->Click Go
->Click Ok

You will be seeing on the screen
Processing AWR report.....
This Will give you the
WORKLOAD REPOSITORY report for your Database

Note:Please choose all the above process carefully
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  1. Is there any way to generate awr reports in text format automotically for each day via oem & sent via email.