Saturday, January 22, 2011

Completed Oracle E-Business Suite R12 Applications Certification

Hi All,
I took R12 DBA(Oracle E-Business Suite R12: Install, Patch and Maintain Applications) exam today and by almighty's grace,I got passed.Got rewarded for some devoted,passionated and dedicated effort.

Brief about exam:
There were 75 Questions and 90 minutes(1 hour 30 minutes) was alloted to complete this exam.I completed this exam within 1 hour after that I reviewed my answers which took ten minutes.After this there were some follow up questions which does not carry any marks ,but It is for Oracle university's reference purpose.I finished my exam successfully.

I'm now Oracle E-business suite R12 Applications Database Administrator certified professional(Oracle 10g/11g OCP + R12 install patch clonning=Oracle R12 Apps EBS Certified professional). The link you can refer for completing this cerfication is given below:

For preparing this exam:
The books I followed :
1)Oracle Instructor led training material for R12 install,patch & clone Application.
2)Apps R12 Book from

The links I followed :
1)Metalink notes and faqs on Applications installation,autoconfig,concurrent manager,clonning,patching,Shared APPL_TOP,Load Balancing
2)Online apps DBA link by Atul
3)Oracle Application installation,patching & clonning documents from oracle

Hope it helps.

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