Monday, December 12, 2011

My Favourite Book for Oracle SOA suite 11g

This year I devoted myself in learning and practicing Oracle SOA suite 11g.I started learning the concepts of Oracle SOA 11g and various Components involved.
For initial learning of mine,I focused on the below link:

After clearing my concepts I went with installing and Configuring Oracle Suite 11g on Windows and Linux Operating systems which led the foundation of my SOA learning.
For installation and Configuration refer my below links:

But,One book that inspired me a lot is Oracle SOA Suite 11g Handbook written by Lucas Jellema.

Brief about Author: Lucas Jellema is an Oracle ACE Director for Oracle Fusion Middleware.He is the SOA specialist based in Nieuwegein,The Netherlands.He is an author at the AMIS Technology Blog for Oracle Technology Network,and for international magazines.

Brief about Book:
This books covers various the following topics which will help you work in Oracle SOA suite 11g:

1)Introduction to SOA with an Example of how it is adopted.
2)Developing Composite Applications which covers the Components of Oracle SOA Suite 11g and how this components work together by using SCA
(Service Component Architecture which is new from Oracle SOA 11g).
3)How we can Administer,Secure and Govern Oracle SOA components.
4)Use of CEP(Complex Event Processing) and BAM (Business Activity Monitoring)
5)How we can migrate from Oracle SOA Suite 10g to 11g.

What else,A SOA learner and expert can expect,really love to read this book several times to understand more better and Work in Oracle SOA suite 11g.All the best SOA learners.

Happy Oracle SOA learning...

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Happy Oracle SOA

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