Sunday, July 8, 2012

Thanks for following my blog

Dear All,
Thanks for following my blog.My followers list crossed 100,thanks for showing the keen interest.This blog
is  covering technical details on Oracle DBA,Apps DBA  and in future you will be seeing more on PeopleSoft Administration stuffs.

My interest areas are Apps and RAC,but I have lot of interest in all the areas of Oracle technologies like Performance Tuning,SOA,weblogic,Designing,Business Intelligence,Data Integration  and now PeopleSoft Administration.If you are preparing for interviews for Oracle DBA,Apps DBA and PeopleSoft DBA,this blog will act as Catalyst.I like blogging on Oracle stuffs as I always believe knowlege grows when it is shared.Keeping the focus on interview patterns in mind I  always try to share most frequently asked question and the way we can answer them and we should always focus more on learning and practice of Oracle Stuffs,than we can cover the interview questions and answers.

I wish all of you for your successful Oracle Carrier ahead,remember "Dreams are not those you see while you are sleeping,dreams are those that don't let you sleep".

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  1. please keep sharing of knowledges with us.Thanks a lot for your great posting.